Learning for Life offers a recognition plan for elementary and special-needs students to encourage positive behavior, foster a sense of belonging in the group, assist in building self-worth, and reward a positive work ethic.

Kindergartners through second-graders are called "Seekers"; third- and fourth-graders are called "Discoverers." Fifth- and sixth-graders are called "Challengers."

For Seekers/Discoverers/Challengers, the recognition plan includes charts, stickers and a medal.

There are 15 brightly colored peel-off stickers that relate to the 61 lesson plan themes in each book. When the class completes a designated set of themes, the teacher places the appropriate sticker on the Honor Wall Chart (see sample below) by the name of each student who participated. In addition, students can receive additional stickers for their Individual Honor Charts and to wear on their clothing.

There is a medal called the Seekers, Discoverers or Challengers Award Of Excellence. This is a medal with the program logo suspended on a red, white and blue ribbon.

The special-needs curriculum also has a recognition program. It also includes its own Honor Wall Chart, Individual Honor Chart and incentive stickers. In addition there is a set of iron on incentive (just like the stickers) that can be used. Special-needs students are called "Champions."

For middle and high school aged special needs participants there is a supplemental program. The Champions Transition Lesson plans help prepare these students for the workforce. A recognition component includes the Champion Transition Certificate and the Champions Transition Award of Excellence.

Seekers Honor Wall Challengers Honor Wall
Discoverers Honor Wall Champions Honor Wall

Learning for Life offers a recognition plan for elementary and special-needs classrooms and students to encourage regular classroom involvement, participation in a variety of the character education categories or daily living skills lesson plans, and high achievements by all participating students. Download a copy of the requirements and apoplication for the Classroom Character Education Quality Award [PDF - 68K]. (You will need Acrobat® Reader to download and print the application form. This free software may be downloaded from Adobe.)

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