Guns and Firearms

Learning for Life adheres to the long-standing policy of teaching youth and adults the safe, responsible, and intelligent handling, care, and use of firearms, air guns, and BB guns in planned, carefully managed, and supervised programs. Law Enforcement Explorer guidelines can be found on the Law Enforcement Exploring section of this Web site:

Except for law enforcement officers required to carry firearms within their jurisdiction, firearms shall not be brought on camping, hiking, backpacking, or any other activities except those specifically planned for target shooting under the supervision of a certified National Rifle Association firearms instructor, or an approved Explorer hunting activity. Handguns can only be used by Law Enforcement Explorers as a part of their training where qualified supervisors exist, or as a part of an approved activity such as a Law Enforcement Explorer conference competition.

While hunter safety education may not be required to obtain a hunting license in some states, successful completion of the respective state program is required before participating in a hunting activity.

The purpose of this policy is to restrict the use of firearms for hunting trips to Explorer posts where adequate safety procedures are followed. All participants are required to obtain necessary permits and licenses from state and federal agencies. High school Learning for Life participants may participate in a program using rifles/air rifles or shotguns as a part of a certified rifle range and supervised by a qualified range instructor.

Safety First Learning for Life Guidelines

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