The Champions Program: Achieving Self-Sufficiency

The special-needs curriculum teaches youth with mental disabilities/challenges the life skills they need to achieve self-sufficiency. The program focuses on and enhances coping skills. Areas covered include the following:

The teacher's edition of the Champions curriculum presents 57 lesson plans in 12 themed chapters. Chapters include:

The Champions Program also has its own recognition plan that includes stickers that collate with the 12 chapters. Stickers are placed on honor charts. Iron -on emblems are also available.

Transition Program

For Special Needs High school aged youth, a Transition Program is available. This program is a series of progressive lesson that assist educators prepare youth for a productive role in the workplace environment. The transition plan has its own recognition plan with certificates and medals.

Because of the various forms and levels of disabilities that schools encounter, the Learning for Life special-needs curriculum is sometimes supplemented with the elementary, seventh- and eighth-grade, and senior high school Learning for Life program materials. In this way, Learning for Life is tailored to fit the needs of each individual class and youth and is certain to be age appropriate.


ChampionsTable of ContentsSample Lesson Plan
TransitionTable of ContentsSample Lesson Plan


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