Specifically to teach character and to tie those lessons to real-world applications.

Teacher Lesson Plannner
A lesson planner is available for the programs in elementary and 7th and 8th grades.
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For detailed information about Learning for Life programs, including sample lesson plans, follow the links below:

Seekers/Discoverers/Challengers Programs - Starting Out Right
Learning for Life's kindergarten through sixth grade curriculum consists of 61 grade specific, age appropriate lesson plans designed to reinforce social, ethical, and academic skills in areas such as critical and creative thinking, character education activities, interpersonal relationships, soft skills, practical living skills, building self-worth, writing and other language arts, and participating citizenship. Students in Kindergarten through Grade 2 are Seekers, while those in second and third grade are Discoverers and Challengers are in grade 5 and 6.
The Builders Program - Discovering Careers
The seventh and eighth grade "Builders" program continues Learning for Life's career preparation emphasis. The program provides community role models to motivate and interact with youth and share their personal paths to success, including the pitfalls and high points. The program also includes 44 lesson plans per grade that help youth develop and assess the personal skills and values needed to make future career choices and develop character. Community role models are recruited to discuss career information that reinforces school relevancy.
Navigators Program - Real-World Skills
The senior high school program continues Learning for Life's career and character emphasis with lessons that teach the practical skills necessary for youth to acquire a job stay employed and develop into productive citizens with good habits of character and leadership. The lessons are supplemented by a series of career seminars presented. These are conducted by community representatives who offer students in-depth understanding and firsthand knowledge of the career fields they've chosen.
The Champions Program - Achieving Self-Sufficiency
The special-needs curriculum teaches youth with mental disabilities and challenges the life skills they need to achieve self-sufficiency. To meet the various levels of disabilities schools encounter, the program can be tailored to meet the needs of individual students. A special needs component for high school aged youth is available to assist with the Transition from school to the workplace.
Sample Lesson Plans
A convenient listing of all sample contents pages and lesson plans from the programs above.
Exploring - Putting It All Together
Learning for Life brings school-based learning and work-based learning together in a worksite education program called Exploring. Exploring allows young people to get hands-on experience in a career field of their choice working with professionals in that field.

Find out how Learning for Life supports the School-to-Work effort to achieve better workforce preparedness for students.

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