Fact Sheet: Drug Abuse Prevention Education Program

A new resource is now available through Supply Division for the Elementary Learning for Life program. It is called "Drug Abuse Prevention Education." This is a series of lesson plans for Kindergarten through Grade Six. Each grade has a set of lesson plans.

Age appropriate and grade specific lessons and activity sheets for the classroom teacher to use are part of each set.

Here is a summary of each grade:

Kindergarten (32171)
Includes nine lesson plans that utilize stick puppets to reinforce the message that smoking, alcohol and drugs are harmful.

First Grade (32172)
Twelve lesson plans are included. The focus is on making good choices, identifying legal and illegal drugs and the harmful effects of abused substances. A twelve question evaluation, and a colorful display poster is included with the activity sheets.

Second Grade (32173)
Has nine lessons which looks at advertisements for cigarettes, helps students make positive choices and distinguishes between legal and illegal drugs. A classroom poster, activity sheets and a student evaluation sheet are included.

Third Grade (32174)
This is composed of eight lessons that concentrate on how to say no to drugs and smoking as well as the harmful effects of substance abuse. An evaluation that focuses on the "Truth About Drugs", a bulletin board sized display poster and activity sheets are included.

Fourth Grade (32175)
There are sixteen lesson plans for this grade. These focus student attention on the long and short-term effects of specific substances by using their more common names. A true and false pre and post evaluation form is used to measure student's gain in knowledge about drugs as result of the fourth grade program.

Fifth Grade (32176)
Eighteen lesson plans are included with the program for grade five. The lessons enhance awareness on topics like peer pressure and the consequences of substance abuse on individuals, friends and family members. It will look at specific substances and how they react in the body. A "Facts and Myths About Drug Abuse" evaluation sheet is used at the beginning and at the conclusion of the fifth grade lesson plans.

Sixth Grade (32177)
The nineteen lesson plans that make up the grade six program lead to classroom discussions. There are teacher directed questions to help stimulate student responses to making choices. There are lessons that help provide information on a variety of specific abused substances. A poster that correlates the effects of drugs on the body is included. In addition, a "What Do You Know About Drugs?" true-and-false sheet is used.

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