Learning for Life Testimonials

Here's what educators, industry professionals, and program participants have to say about Learning for Life:

Letters of Endorsement—Here are some of the letters we've received from educators who've achieved positive results using the Learning for Life program.

Cynthia Dayton, Principal
It's one of the best programs out there ... it connects to every area of the curriculum

Kimberly Edington, Teacher
This programs gives kids the experience ... to be good citizens, to be good students, to be good people

Ricardo Majarro, Principal
Learning for Life ... is very much needed in our communities throughout America

Deborah Glinoweick, Principal
Learning for Life is an excellent program that can be used ... to address any needs of any child on any level

Herbert A. Boyd Jr., Principal
Etiquette, reelating to each other, understanding authority, peer relationships and dealing with new situations are all areas that the Learning for Life program focuses on

Patsy Willis, Special Needs Teacher
The students that I teach ... have to have goals and things to look forward to, and this program has helped.

Dr. Kevin Ryan
Director, Boston University Center for the Advancement of Ethics and Character

"[Learning for Life particicipants] were more self-disciplined ... participated more in class "

Paul Houston
Executive Director, American Association of School Administrators

"Learning for Life ... focuses on activities"

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