Learning for Life is an educational organization.
Our in-school and work-based programs are focused on continual and lifelong learning, and training is a large part of our culture.

Entry-level executives receive a seven-day basic training program at our executive development center near Dallas, Texas. This generally happens within six months of employment.

This training provides a background in Learning for Life organization and programs and ends with a formal certification ceremony. This is followed by two more formal training programs that generally occur within the first three years of employment.

Learning for Life offers a multitude of short-term training classes such as leadership, communications, and time management.

On-the-job training continues from the first day of your employment forward. In addition to learning the Learning for Life program, you’ll gain valuable skills in leadership, organizing, finance, and public relations from your supervisors and specialists.

Your own development as an educator is a long-term goal for all Learning for Life executives.