Fire Service Exploring

Fire Service Exploring is a worksite-based program for young men and women who have completed the eighth grade and are 14 years of age, or 15 years of age but have not yet reached their 21st birthday.

Fire Service Explorer posts help youth gain insight into a variety of programs that offer hands-on career activities. For young men and women who are interested in careers in the field of fire service, Exploring offers experiential learning with lots of fun-filled, hands-on activities that promote the growth and development of adolescent youth.

Policy Statements

There are some issues specific to Fire Service Explorer programs that must be considered when operating a post. These issues are fairly unique when compared with other types of Explorer posts:

Program Resources for Fire Service Explorers

National Junior Firefighter Program Grant Application [PDF]
Ten $5,000 grants will be awarded to departments nationwide whose junior firefighter or Explorer Post programs demonstrate exceptional innovation, creativity, and community impact.


Fire/Emergency Services Exploring Proficiency Awards
The Fire/Emergency Services Exploring Proficiency Awards program provides an opportunity for posts and their Explorers to earn a series of recognition items that acknowledge their Fire & Emergency Services Exploring experience.
Advance Your Career With Help From the IAFC Foundation (Fire Service, $500 to $5,000)
Any first responder who is an active member with a minimum of 3 years Volunteer or 2 years Paid or a combination of paid and volunteer of 3 years with a state, county, provincial, municipal, community, industrial, or federal fire department and who has demonstrated proficiency is eligible to apply for a scholarship to a recognized institution of higher education.  Fire Explorers are also eligible.  Click here for application.

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