The Exploring Experience

Productive/Creative Use of Time

Presentations, mentoring, and hands-on experiences in career fields are the activities Explorers experience most commonly in the program. Three-fourths (74 percent) participate in presentations or lectures by experts during a typical three-month period, and two-thirds (63 percent) have hands-on experiences in career fields.

New/Unique Experiences

New/Unique Experiences
* Learned about a career field
* Talked with a professional or expert
* Did something never done before
* Went somewhere never been before
Goals and Planning
Goals and Planning
* Exploring encourages me to think about and plan for the future.
* I set goals for myself at meetings and activities.
* I had to rely on myself to accomplish my goals.

Exploring provides members with an incentive to stretch themselves and reach beyond what they already know, see, and feel. During a typical three-month period, a majority of Explorers have learned about a career field (82 percent) or talked with a professional or expert (81 percent). Two-thirds (67 percent) have done something they have never done before, and about half (49 percent) have gone somewhere they have never been before.

Communications Exploring

Another important outcome related to productive use of time is found in Exploring's component of goal setting and accomplishment. Because of Exploring, almost all of the members (92 percent) agree that they were encouraged to think about and plan for their futures. Eighty-five percent of Explorers set personal goals for meetings and activities, and 75 percent indicate having to rely on themselves to accomplish these goals.

An important element of Exploring is that the program encourages young people to fulfill personal development needs while working to meet the needs of others. Over a typical three-month period, one-quarter (25 percent) of Explorers participate in a service project. Among these, 42 percent work with children, which is by far the most common type of service project.

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