The Exploring Experience

Caring and Nurturing Relationships With Parents, Other Adults, and Peers

Interaction and Communication with Adults/Peers
Interaction and Communication
* Encouraged to share your ideas and opinions.
* You made new friends in your post.
* You can talk to your post Advisor about things that are important to you.
* You talk to parents about what you learn at meetings/outings.
* You talk with other Explorers about what you learn.

A key reason young people join Exploring is the opportunity it gives them to establish relationships with others. Specifically, 87 percent of Explorers indicate that "socializing with others" was an important factor in their decision to join. Furthermore, 90 percent indicate that such social development contributed to making their program experience positive.

Health Exploring
"[Exploring] has given her a strong sense of community participation and leadership skills."

- Father of a 15-year-old Explorer

Exploring serves as a catalyst for interaction and communication between members, their parents, and other adults. Almost all Explorers are encouraged to share their ideas and opinions with the group (95 percent) or have made new friends in their Exploring post (94 percent). The strength of such peer-to-peer interaction is further evidenced by 88 percent saying they talk with other Explorers about what they learn in the program.

A clear majority of Explorers (90 percent) talk to their parents about what they learn at meetings and outings, and almost two-thirds (64 percent) talk to adults other than their parents about their Exploring experiences. Perhaps more importantly, nine of 10 (91 percent) agree that they can talk to their post Advisors about things that are important to them.

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