The Exploring Experience

A Positive Sense of Self-Worth and Usefulness

Exploring is focused on teaching youth about career fields that might interest them and encouraging them to prepare for the future. In doing so, the program aims to build self-worth and self-confidence in youth. In part, it does this by providing an atmosphere of teamwork, learning, and accomplishment. Nearly all Explorers (98 percent) agree that Exploring activities help to prepare them for the future.

Preparing for the Future
Preparing for the Future
"The activities in Exploring help you prepare for the future."
Building Confidence
Building Confidence
"Being an Explorer has taught you to have more confidence in yourself and your abilities."

The belief among members that Exploring contributes to their self-esteem is also strong: 92 percent of Explorers agree that being an Explorer has taught them to have more confidence in themselves and their abilities.

Law Enforcement Exploring
"It has been a good learning experience. He wants to be a police officer."

- Mother of a 16-year-old Explorer

Self-worth is closely tied to relationships with others. Relationship building between youth, their peers, and adults plays an important developmental role by establishing a place of belonging and security and by fostering feelings of value. In Exploring, positive self-worth is reinforced through encouragement from others. Overall, 91 percent of Explorers agree that they receive such encouragement from other Explorers, and 94 percent agree that they are encouraged by their parents to participate in Exploring activities.

Positive self-worth is also supported through early leadership experiences in Exploring. About one in five Explorers (22 percent) hold an elected or appointed leadership position within the post.

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