The Exploring Experience

Ethical Decision Making
Ethical Decision Making
"Your post has been faced with situations when the group had to make decisions about right and wrong."

Strong Personal Values and Character

Providing young people with experiences to help them mature into responsible and caring adults is one of the purposes of the Exploring program. Making ethical choices and helping others are key components of this goal.

Ethical decision-making opportunities arise in Exploring when the post is faced with decisions about right and wrong. Three of four Explorers (75 percent) indicate that their group has dealt with such a decision during the past three months.

One of four Explorers (25 percent) participates in a service project during a typical three-month period. For teens, the importance of service projects is threefold: First, the projects help meet important physical and emotional needs; second, they communicate the value and importance of other people; and third, they allow young people to develop empathy for people who are in need.

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