Here's what educators, industry professionals, and program participants have to say about Exploring:

Joseph Nocett
Fire Exploring Post Advisor Our role is to ... give [Explorers] meaningful insight into what it is to be a firefighter

Pam Fredrich
Hospital Exploring Post Advisor [Explorers] learn what it's like to be an employee ... to come to work, to be part of a team

Joseph Madrid
Fire Explorer [Exploring] is very hands-on, very personal.

Don Brown
Former President, National Association of Secondary School Principals

"If you're going to instruct [students] about careers, then you need to make connections, and those connections are made through the Exploring program"

Youth participants in the Exploring program

"Exploring is ..."

Ron Lubias
Principal, Reading PA

"A career education program [teaches skills] like being able to communicate [and] work on teams"

Health Careers Exploring

"The Health Career Exploring program is extraordianry ... it's almost like getting a try-out in the health professions."

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