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The bottom line is that Aviation Exploring is action-oriented.

Lauren Haag - 2008 Scholarship Winner2008 Scholarship Winner Lauren Haag

I have completed my first year at the University of North Dakota, where I am pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering with an emphasis in Aerospace.   Receiving a National Aviation Exploring Scholarship is helping me to pay for my required flight classes and other university costs.  I would like to thank the Aviation Exploring Program and in particular the Post 9924 advisors for opening my eyes to the world of aviation, and the Scholarship selection committee for helping me financially pursue my aviation career goals of becoming an engineer and pilot/astronaut for the U S Air Force and NASA.


Lauren Haag


Read what the following organizations have to say about Aviation Exploring:

Aircraft Electronics Association
The Aircraft Electronics Association encourages its members to become involved with Aviation Exploring. Together, we can make a huge impact on aviation career achievement opportunities for both young men and women.
National Air Transportation Association
"The National Air Transportation Association is proud to join with the Learning for Life Aviation Exploring program in their promotion of aviation, particularly aviation careers top both young men and women ..."
Air Line Pilots Association
"ALPA encourages you to volunteer your time and knowledge wit hthe Aviation Eplorers as they investigate various aviation career fields. Your participation will help to enrich the program."
Experimental Aircraft Association
"The Experimental Aircraft Association is proud to join with the Learning for Life Aviation Exploring program in their promotion of aviation. ... The Exploring program helps build character through career opportunities, life skills, leadership experience, character education, and citizenship activities."
Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association
"Local Exploring staffs provide help and training for volunteers and organizations wishing to participate in this worthwhile endeavor. ... I encourage all pilots and local pilot associations to become involved in the Aviation Exploring program."
Women in Aviation International
"... WAI encourages you to volunteer your time and knowledge with the Aviation Explorers as they investigate various aviation career fields. ... Together we can enrich the lives of America's youth."

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Scholarships for Aviation Explorers

National Aviation Explorer Scholarships (10/$3,000 to $10,000)
The National Aviation Exploring Committee awards individual scholarships between $3,000 and $10,000 annually to aviation Explorers pursuing a career in the aviation industry. The intent of these scholarships is to identify and reward those individuals who best exemplify the qualities that lead to success in the aviation industry. Type of aviation Explorer scholarships: degree leading to an aviation profession, avionics repair program, recreational or pilot certificate, maintenance aircraft repair program, and aviation management program to include design, engineering, airport management, etc.
Testimonials of Aviation Exploring Scholarship Winners

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